It’s almost done.. not the website, but the framework I’m building it on. So, what’s next?

My Apologies – I know that my original statement of intention was to post new content every day and from looking at the posts it appears that I haven’t kept up to my promise, but I have.

I posted my intention to write the legal content two days ago and it took me two days to write three pages of legal jargon, so I just appended my progress onto the original post (see it here), rather than create a new post every day just to say “I finished another page”. I also cleaned up the footer and setup the links around the site to the legal pages, so I have been keeping up.

On a side note, Google has noticed the frequency of my posts and recognized that they contain original authoritative content, so as a result, my pages are getting indexed quite quickly. It would be interesting to see what would happen to my stats if everyone reading this post did a Google search on ‘Cyberwip‘. I’m monitoring stats, I’ll keep you posted.

The Next Step

As I’ve been working on the site, I’ve had a chance to think about a roadmap to follow and what to do next. I use CPanel and so have AWstats that I can use to see where visitors to my website go. I have multiple sites and if you include the websites I maintain that aren’t mine, its quite a stretch from Golf Courses to eCommerce. Some websites have unique types of web pages that I won’t get into here, but a good representation of traffic flow at a typical website looks something like this.

Note: these stats vary quite widely from one website to another depending on where they get most of their traffic from and are likely to change as I redesign the website, but this should give you the general idea of what I have to work with.

Website Visitor Traffic Patterns

  • Home 82% 82%
  • Blog 54% 54%
  • Products / Services 32% 32%
  • About 10% 10%
  • Contact 6% 6%
  • Social Media (Links) 2% 2%

The home page is most popular because it has the most inbound links and if people type in the website URL, that is where they are taken.

The blog is the next most popular section of my website, some people go directly to the blog since it has many inbound links to different pages for different subjects. I try to keep the subjects honest, accurate, enlightening, and non-commercial.

Maintaining a daily blog is a full-time job so unless you plan on spending hours maintaining it, or hiring someone to do it, you probably don’t want a blog.

The Products and Services pages don’t seem to get as much attention, maybe that reflects the quality, quantity, or price but I think that more people visit the web for entertainment than they do for shopping, and with a blog they can engage and participate.

The About page is generally a stick in the mud. It’s almost never used effectively. It’s typically written third person, starts off with a history lesson, and contains a lot of claims of why this website and the people behind it are the best.. (BBBBoring, Bragging, and Bullshit), no benefits. This is my next page, so I won’t get into it any further right now.

A Contact page is necessary and the first page I created after tightening up security. If people can’t contact you, you need a poster or a book; not a website. Even though its almost the least visited page on the site, I get people contacting me through it every day, and since I got Google’s reCAPTCHA working, its no longer a pain to use or a SPAM magnet. It does need some beautification though, I was just trying to get it working and move on with time to think about it.

Social Media is another sore spot for me. Through not a lot of research I have found most of them just another BBB site. Either people are having hard times, they are ranting about their opinions, or they are pushing some sort of commissioned product. Very few visitors to social websites are going there for purchase decision advice.
And now they are plastered with advertisements, even ads that are designed to look like legitimate posts, or testimonials.

All social networks are data mining in a massive way and nothing you say or do on a social website is not read and archived. And they are convincing companies to spend money on advertising because they have the visitors.. and companies do it not because it’s the most effective advertising dollar, but because they don’t have a better marketing plan.

In my opinion, the reason I have so little social link activity is because most people who use the internet for reference or research aren’t interested in wasting time on social networks.

The About Page

I realize that after just blowing off a bunch of steam about all the crap About pages and what a disaster they are, I better come up with something pretty great. Other than writing this post all I’ve done all day is research what other people are doing, what I think they are doing wrong, and how I think it could be done better. I think I have some good ideas..

I’ll grab a coffee, get my notes together, and see what I come up with. When I’m done I’ll post it, but I’ll also come back here to post a link for quick reference to readers of this post.

See it at About or check out my next post.


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