My intention with this website, is to publish three classes of information.

Pages – Static stuff like policies, and references that I may refer to in my daily blogs.. sort of a library of reference material.

Posts – This is my activity report, what you are reading now; so since this is a flying window I don’t want to publish references on it that get lost.

Projects – This is a relatively new concept in WordPress but an exiting addition because it’s like Posts, a journal of activity; but about one single ‘project’. If you read a blog every day there might be one blog post that stands out, that you would like to follow, A ‘project’ is that grouping of posts.

P.S. – well actually, comments too


After publishing my first post yesterday I spent some time trying to style it and came up with this sidebar look (for now). Still working on balancing formatting power between WordPress and DIVI.


The linear list of posts on the blog page had a few problems

  • The page looked bland
  • The snippets (teasers) were truncated randomly
  • There was no indication you had to click the header to see the rest of the post.

I played with the page styling, got it converted to DIVI layout, and put further styling off until I’ve had a chance to think about it.


I built a contact form and integrated it into the framework using Google’s reCaptcha v3. I’ll detail it in another post.

So you can send me a message if for no other reason, to say HI! and help me test it out.

What Now?

I’m working on dealing with SPAM. I hope reCaptca works for the comment form but that’s a hopeful measure.. I’d like to take advantage of every opportunity to fight spam while making it as transparent as possible to visitors.

I’ve been working on that for hours but wanted to post my progress before I got too far ahead of myself.

I’ll let you know what I came up with later.