My first post is an apology for how little I have posted but just so you don’t go away feeling ripped off for visiting this page, I’ll share a few of my thoughts and a progress report so you know I’m serious about this project.

Build a Website

If you expect to make it in today’s world, you’ll need a website”.

Every website designer will tell you this and as far as that goes, most people have no trouble believing it but to believe If you build it, they will come is simply not true. If you are planning on getting a first page listing on Google, you better be prepared to pay for Google ads. If you plan on advertising on social networks, again you better be prepared to pay.

The long and short of it is that everyone wants to make money off your success (or even your failure to succeed) and that very few websites do succeed. If you don’t plan to succeed, plan to fail.

A Case Study

I will be using this website as a case study. The site was created a few days ago with a fresh install of WordPress and I am using DIVI for content creation since I have an unlimited lifetime license.

Before getting to this point a lot has been done and in going further, there is an enormous amount of work to be done but I am motivated and this may turn out to be a very interesting project.

At this point, I have –

  • registered a domain name
  • hosted the domain on my own servers
  • created an icon, and a logo
  • chosen a color scheme and typeface styling
  • installed WordPress and the DIVI theme
  • posted almost nothing except a front page with a link to this single blog post

Sounds simple right? But it takes time and a lot of thought goes onto each step.

I don’t want to bore you and we both have a lot to do so check back later for more.