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Cyberwip Web Services

Integrators of Open Source Software

Integrators of Open Source Software

Welcome to Cyberwip

Cyberwip™ is a web design, web development, and web support service located in North Vancouver, BC. Cyberwip's primary ambition, is to put today's most advanced internet technology into the hands of those most in need of it. Not the technophiles who are content just playing with it, but end users who may not be so tech-savvy but have applications for it and can put it to use immediately bringing it into the mainstream at a hereto unprecedented level.

The Fall of The Software Empire

Free software, who ever heard of such a thing?

Cyberwip Web Services

Cyberwip is a web development service located in North Vancouver, BC. Our main goal has been, is, and always will be to build a better web site.

This is a Drupal™ 6 CMS site designed using what we consider the best-of-the-best in add-on features and customizations.

Other than the Drupal core itself (default installation), almost everything has been customized in some way to minimize bloat, increase performance, and/or improve usability. The following is a list of some of the things that were done to achieve these goals.

Web Services

Cyberwip Web Services

This site is built on the latest version of the current stable release of the Drupal Content Management System (CMS).

The site could have been built on any one of several dozen outstanding open source CMS systems but we decided to use Drupal because it seemed best suited to what we wanted accomplished. We wish to demonstrate the cutting-edge of CMS technology.

- Kent

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