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Kent Lacroix

Current Work-In-Progress

This website can always use some work, and I do make improvements to it as time allows, but since this is only a personal website of little commercial interest, I tend to focus on more exciting projects.

My Current project is Design4Effect where I am doing my best to demonstrate the full power of the Divi theme and content creation system.

Service Representative


If you have a business plan projecting success, the internet must be a part of it, or you have limited goals.

All you need is rarely only a website to generate traffic. However, while you need a website, the website should provide a service to visitors rather than just a boring flyer.

These are the web design projects that inspire and motivate me.

Think about it… where do you spend most of your time online? Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, eBay? Even the social networks you visit regularly aren’t successful because the creators are writing comments on them; they are successful because they have created a service that people enjoy using.

Project Research


Research is an essential part of any project giving you the knowledge you need to move ahead and the assurance you need for the confidence to continue.



Prototyping is the design, building, and testing of the information system for hosting the project. Extensive testing and fault tolerance are part of this step.

Web Design

Web Design

Some call it the UI, it’s the part of the application the user sees. It must be beautiful, and simple – this is TOP PRIORITY. For this we use a full-stack web framework.
Launch Project


Launch day is exciting. If you’ve been following along with the plan, you are about to be rewarded.

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