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Cyberwiip - Digital Research & Development

About Cyberwip

Cyberwip is a research and development venture located in British Columbia focused on technology, including electronics, computers, and communication. It is managed by a husband-and-wife team (Lisa and Kent) through networking with specialists and service providers in Canada and the US primarily. Cyberwip provides electronic equipment and computer design and support services, web design, programming, hosting, and database services to technical and business professionals.

The History of Cyberwip

My childhood interest in radios and electronics evolved through TTL and digital electronics. My first serious computer was an S-100 Z80-based system I built in 1978 running CP/M that fit into the file drawer of my metal desk. With my experience in CB radio and later as a HAM Radio Operator, my interests soon merged into what has become a life long search for a better solution.

“Cyberwip” is a unique word created almost 20 years ago when I asked my son Brennan, “What would be a good name for a computer research company?” His response was “Cyberwip,” and when I asked why the “wip,” he said, “Work-in-Progress.”

I liked the name because it matched my job description perfectly, and after a dictionary, library, and name search (including NUANS), I discovered that the word itself had never been used, so I adopted it. On November 10, 2006, I registered the domain name as proof of my official use of the word as a trademark.

Experience and Expertise

  • Extensive experience in electronics working as both service technician and design engineer
  • Programming in languages from assembly to high-level, including Basic, C/C++, Java, Python, and Javascript
  • Applications development in Accounting, Taxation, Manufacturing, and Inventory Control
  • Database design and operations
  • Linux Server maintenance and operations
  • Web development, including website and application design
  • Graphic Arts, Videography, and Sound

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote science and technology in Canada. I would like to use this website as a channel for communicating with other people with similar interests, either people working in the industry or students with an interest in computer science and technology who might appreciate the opportunity to communicate, exchange ideas with, and learn from experienced professionals.

Our Vision

The future is what we make it. What we know tomorrow is what we learn today, and what we have tomorrow is what we built today—let’s work together to build a better tomorrow.

If you would like to get involved, contact me.