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About Cyberwip

Cyberwip is a unique word that means nothing but sounds like something. It could mean “Work In Progress” but nah, it means an intelligent person who does a lot of work on the web.

Yesterday, I posted a snide remark on my blog about the crap About Pages most people are writing, and claimed I could do better. So this is it – this is the best About Page I could create given that I have to get on with the rest of my life (and this website).


I’ve been hooked on technology since I built a crystal radio as a kid and had to get my dad’s help to get it working. My first serious job was in Research & Development at age sixteen before I even finished High School.

I’m not going to break down my achievements and accomplishments over the years because frankly, it would be boring and date me.. but I never messed up too badly, and generally feel good about what I’ve done.

Kent Lacroix

My Goals

My goal, is to create a website for the purpose of sharing knowledge. I could brag for days about how great I am (just ask me!), but nothing gets the point across like a good example. If the site becomes a success and gets popular, it might turn out to be a good example. I would like that, so that’s my goal.

How I Intend to Achieve My Goals

I’ll be open and honest and try to stay on-track, focused on conveying information on technical topics as efficiently as I can. I’ll learn as we go, you’ll learn as we go,.. and we both benefit.


  • Apart from my copyrighted material, my work is 100% Open Source.
  • I’ll present topics on a Project basis, focusing on a single project at a time, starting with this website.
  • Along the way, I’ll blog about what I am doing and how I’m doing it. I invite feedback whether it’s comment, critisism, or ideas for improvement.
  • The first projects will be a random selection from the projects I’m working on now (no shortage). After that, lets see where we go.
  • The Contact Page makes it easy to contact me and every blog post has a comments section at the bottom where you can say something.
  • There are no ads on the website unless it’s talking about products we all use, or bragging about products I’ve tried, tested, and think are great. I don’t expect anyone to be using the site for monetary gain or they know what to expect (see Our Terms of Use).

My Target Audience

  • people like me who crave knowledge and especially about Science and Technology
  • people with knowledge who have done great things, and wish to share their experience
  • people who have time they don’t mind sharing with others.

If this sounds like you.. what are you waiting for, you are already a member, visit the blog and say hello.. and drop me a line through the Contact Page to say Hi!.